We Crushed Prop 23

We did it. YOU did it. California did it!

California voters resoundingly defeated the Texas oil companies' Proposition 23.

Our victory over Prop 23 demonstrates a broad consensus to protect California's first-in-the-nation, landmark global warming law. This is a watershed moment in our fight against climate change, and a big blow to the powerful interests who stand against change.

Our sincerest thanks to so many of you who joined the grassroots effort to Stop Texas Oil, and took action to pressure the oil companies, spread the word to your friends, volunteered, donated, protested at Valero stations and most important, contacted voters. Throughout the campaign, volunteers made more than 800,000 calls, and this effort was crucial to alerting Californians to Prop 23 and turning out voters to defeat it.

The power of this operation enabled our volunteers to jump in and try to help counter a last minute surge by the oil companies for the little-known Prop 26. Unfortunately the confusing Prop 26 passed in California, and will certainly make our fight harder. But given the resounding rejection of Prop 23, we know that Californians don't support the intent of Prop 26, and hopefully will act to repeal it.

Texas oil companies brought this fight to California. They thought they could throw around some of their dirty money and take away one of California's most progressive laws. But they underestimated us. We fought back. We attacked them and their dirty money directly. And we sent them packing back to Texas.

Thank you!

Paid for by Credo Victory Fund Against Prop 23 and Texas Oil Companies.
Major funding by Working Assets Funding Service, Inc. 101 Market Street, Suite 700, San Francisco, CA 94105.

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